Replacing the Old Mower with the New One

My mother was in a dilemma one day as she called me up semi-hysterical. She explained to me that she was cutting the grass and all of a sudden the lawn mower quit working. This was an older style riding lawn mower so it had aged over the years of continuous cutting. Although my parents were great about maintaining their lawn equipment, over time it became outdated and needing to be replaced. Her breaking it just sped up that process.

We decided that we would get dad a new lawn mower that he could ride around on without the bumps and gear grinding of that old heap he once had. We started off doing a little research by asking our friends, family, and neighbors what brand they would recommend. We took that into account and went online to do even more research on those brands.

Online Research of Mowers

Always be sure to read the lawn mower reviews if you’re considering purchasing a new lawn mower. Sometimes you might be actually getting a lemon when you’re paying for a Cadillac. Many of the reviews spoke highly of some of the brands, but the certain model that they purchased was not what they intended to own and operate on a regular basis. Consumers had complained about the customer service when something did go wrong, which was another reason to skip over a company.

Purchasing the Lawn Mower

My mom continued researching long after I left their house. She called me later that day to tell me that she had found the perfect one and that she wanted me to go with her to get it. I agreed and we made arrangements to go out and get the mower. When we arrived, they had already taken the mower outside and had it ready for purchase and shipping. This was a dream come true for my mother, whom made the arrangements ahead of time to get the mower too. She was hiding this from my father, as a gift for him, even though she broke his old one.

We were able to get it in the back of my husband’s pickup truck and carried over to the house for my husband and one of my parent’s neighbors could come help unload it. It was heavy and needed ramps to get down off of the bed of the truck. Thankfully with all four of us, mother included unfortunately, we were able to get it down safe without messing anything up on it. My dad would be home soon and she wanted to surprise him with it so she directed us to move it to the barn.

She ran inside for something and came out with a big bag full of streamers and bows. She made sure that the lawn mower was a gift and he knew it. If he thought it was a gift he wouldn’t ask about the old one, just that she replaced it and gave it away. My mother was very good for covering up her trail, she had been doing it for thirty five years.

The Reaction to His New Lawn Mower

When my father came home he immediately knew that something was going on because we were all still there. We led him to the garage and he opened the garage door to find the lawn mower sitting there all dolled up as if it was on the showroom floor. He immediately turned to my mom and asked her where the other mower was. She nodded and said that she got rid of it. He gave her a concerning look and then went back to looking at his new riding lawn mower.

We all think that deep down Dad knew that something happened to his old mower, he just was unsure as who to blame for the happenings. With the new mower, he had less time to think about what had happened to his old reliable one and more time to watch television and play on the computer in his recliner after work. That would work perfectly for him, a quick and easy cut and then the rest of the weekend relaxing while enjoying himself and his ice cold sodas.