How to make your workout more interesting

Let’s face it: sometimes following an athletic regime or working out regularly can get boring, even for the most dedicated and single-minded fitness enthusiasts. There are only so many ways you can mix it up without harming the effectiveness of your work out, so what are some other ways of making fitness more enjoyable?

One thing you could consider is changing where you work out and the people you work out with. In fact, you could buy weekly or daily passes for all the different gyms in your area, adding novelty to the whole experience. You might meet more interesting people, take part in different sports or activities offered. Even finding your way around a new part of town could be interesting, especially if you go on foot.

If outdoor running is part of your routine, it goes without saying that ten times around the block every morning is going to start getting tedious pretty quickly. There are apps available that can help you plan alternative routes for your run. Try to mix it up between residential and rural areas. If you live in a big city, try to fit in a park or two. In major cities, people even drive to their favorite running spots such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Huntington Beach. It will take longer to get bored of looking out on the Manhattan skyline or a Pacific sunset during your run!

If changing location is not an option for you – perhaps you work out at the office or at home, then there are other options you could consider. Perhaps you might like to bring the Brooklyn Bridge into your office? Big screen virtual runs, basically watching a video as you pound the treadmill, and tablet integration are just two of the treadmill trends that are taking off at the moment.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the gym itself. There are fitness groups out there full of people who just couldn’t face another day of soul-destroying boredom at the gym. With the freedom they found to plan workouts outside the gym, their imaginations went into overdrive, resulting in clubs such as the Zombie Apocalypse 5km Assault and the Hash House Harriers (“The Drinking Club with a Serious Running Problem”).

A recent report commissioned by the British Army found that 37% of recruits to the Army Reserve had joined up because they wanted to get into shape. Most people might take up squash or do a bit of jogging. But you might just be a 37%er if you like the idea of getting your workout through digging trenches, throwing grenades and charging through swamps, with a backpack full off bricks and an SA80 assault rifle complete with bayonet fixed. The purple-faced staff sergeant who looks like he’s about to burst a blood vessel in his neck as he screams right into your face is actually a kind of personal trainer without the fee. If the Army is not your cup of tea, why not consider another branch of the military? You’ll definitely make new friends, have an adventure, learn new skills and get into the best shape of your life.

If uniforms, marching, saluting and saluting newly-qualified officers (who look like they should be wearing a school uniform rather than a service uniform) is a bit to surreal for you, then you might be able to motivate yourself through a different type of organization. Set yourself a challenge and do it for charity. For all-round fitness, try a sponsored triathlon or a wild trek. You’ll soon forget about being bored when you know that you are doing it to help others and possibly even save lives.

If you think you’d enjoy taking part in a sport, you could start your own club or team. Sports such as five-a-side soccer require short bursts of energy, whereas something like truck lifting requires sheer power and brute force. It might take a bit of organizing but if it means that you look forward to working out and you enjoying from there on, it’s definitely worth doing. Whatever you decide on, remember that ultimately you’re doing it for yourself. Keep that in mind if you’re ever tempted to pack it in completely and start pigging out on the sofa in your free time instead.